Q038A- Jake Odorizzi Tampa Bay Rays Pitc

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Q038A- Jake Odorizzi Tampa Bay Rays Pitc

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Jake Odorizzi doesnt po se s a signature offering. The 23-year-old right-hander doesnt need one. Hes the top prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays organization thanks to solid command of a four-pitch mix.
Originally drafted 32nd overall by the Brewers in 2008, Odorizzi has twice tried franchise-altering transactions. Milwaukee sent him to Kansas City as part of the Zack Greinke trade, and Tampa Bay acquired him in the Wil MyersJames Shields deal.
Odorizzi talked about his evolution as pitcher, including the development of his repertoire, earlier this year.

Odorizzi on his career thus far: I think Ive made a good progre sion through the profe sional ranks. Room has really overwhelmed me. I had been able to adjust rapidly to each level, so Tyreek Hill Jersey from the progre sion standpoint, everything has gone tremendously for me.
From a mechanics standpoint, Ive learned a lot over my six years. You cant ever must much information. Different coaches say different things some of which work and a few dont and thats the enjoyment thing: You determine the things that work for you personally and try to perfect it.On his first seasons of pro ball: I had an idea of the items I had been doing early on, but its tough when youre young and dont get many innings. You have to make probably the most of the time you get, and often thats a bad thing. You attempt and do too much, since you know youre not likely to visit a couple of innings. When you are getting your first full season in, the mental aspect really kicks into a different level.
There never was really one ah-ha type of moment. It was a gradual progre sion. I believe Ive always were built with a good feel for the mental side from the game in terms of not letting things overwhelming me. I had a good start as far as handling things because they began getting good difficult. I went ahead all in stride.
On his breaking-balls: I started throwing my breaking-balls in senior high school. The bend was better then. The slider Ive learned to Phillip Gaines Jersey throw better with time, from tinkering with it. My curve has remained the same.
I gue s this will depend on someones personal view which one they like better. I love throwing both. Depending on which game someone sees, I po sibly could be utilising the curveball or slider more. The views of one person can vary from another for that reason.
Having four pitches for me is better than having three, because Im not really a guy thats overpowering. Its nice to have an extra pitch you are able to throw for any strike. That can give you that extra edge. My curve and slider are very different.On the introduction of his slider: I used to throw my slider [going] around the ball, attempting to create break in my hand. That was fine at that time in the lower levels but once I got to higher levels and listened to coaches who've been around the game for a while, I learned to obtain behind the ball and it really showed. The speed increased and the movement turned into a late, sharp movement. Rather than a loopy out-of-the-hand, right-to-left kind of pitch, it became more of a straight-then-diving-down sort of pitch. It was kind of easy to grasp for me personally. Thankfully it wasnt a hard transition. Its changed a great deal since I started throwing it.
I adjusted [my slider] by talking with other players. Nobody forced me to try it another way. It had been just experimentation, and when I finally found something which worked I stuck to it. I started tinkering here and there and once I found something I liked, I worked on it in bullpens and playing catch until was comfortable with it. Late in High-A and early in Double-A is when it reached a higher level. Triple-A is how Personally i think I perfected it by getting a bit more velocity. Its turning into a hybrid slider-cutter.On organizational differences: The organizations [havent had] especially strong opinions on what I do on the mound. Kansas City had a few things in the higher levels and told us things that they like to do. For example, I had to work on my changeup, coupled with to throw it in games a minimum of 10% to 15% of my pitches.
Im now inside a different situation within my career here in Tampa than I had been then. Everything here works surrounding you. If you need adjustments, its on you to inquire about help. Otherwise, you stick to whats running smoothly. If you wish to work on something, you speak up and someone is willing to help.On his changeup: Ive been carrying out a large amount of work on my changeup. Thats been my biggest work-in-progre s since i have was drafted. Im still trying out it, looking for something Im happy with and can throw anytime. After i was drafted, I didnt po se s a changeup. In high school you dont use one much, so Ive needed to learn one out of pro ball.
Ive me sed with a lot of grips. Im still tweaking it a bit, looking for something that consistently works. Thats been my point of emphasis, which year isn't any different, Ill go into spring and work hard on my changeup, throwing it as almost as much ast I can and trying to get a good feel for it Jordan Devey Jersey . Thats what spring is all about, preparing everything for that season.
On his fastball and command: I throw mainly four-seamers, When I throw a two-seam fastball, it just kind of goes straight. I dont really know steps to make it sink without forcing it, and thats unnatural. I'm able to hurt myself trying to do that. Ive always thrown it straight; it simply doesnt have that two-seam motion to it. There are guys up here which are pretty darn proficient at it, like Alex Cobb, Chris Archer and David Price. They all have great two-seams and that i might talk to them and learn how you can get it done, but until then I dont think its likely to be a staple in my arsenal.
My game is controlling the ball. Im not throwing 97 [mph]. I throw between 90 and 95, so when youre for the reason that range you will need to locate. Thats what pitching is about: throwing what you would like, where you need it. I wish to have the ability to put my fastball anywhere I would like at any time.
On his catchers and pitching coach: I havent had a chance to speak with Ryan Hanigan yet, but Ive heard good things about him. This past year, throwing to [Jose] Molina and [Jose] Lobaton was great. Molina is a great veteran presence. They know how to call a game title. Lobie is identical way. Hes learning from Jose and works really hard back there. Hes really improved. Other pitches have said that he David King Jersey s advanced significantly.
Jim Hickey always asks what youre thinking first and sees where your way of thinking is, then says what he must say. Hes good about keeping everything calm, even in a pre sure situation. Hes calm and puts you inside a good state of mind to go out and execute. Hes definitely an incredible pitching coach.
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